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Pink Car Battery 


good to have you here.

Please have a seat as we are about to start the show. Delve deeper into the velvet folds that is the heart of Berlin's underground music scene. What you will find here is some great talent and a passionate approach to music. Pink Car Battery evolved out of our pursue to create a community of musicians to produce studio-quality live-music videos and put on gigs. Results out of former endeavour you can find in the Pink Car Battery [Sessions]. For the PCB gigs, head to Pink Car Battery [Charged]. We hope you enjoy yourselves and if you do, hit the Subscribe button to help us grow this thing called love to music.

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we are always on the lookout for new talent to work with. as a general rule: as long as you make and perform original music and can make it to berlin, you can apply. our platform is focused on live-music where artists present their works in a synergetic setting. music is life is energy is everything. we are down to earth and are looking for like-minded people to work with and hand-select artists we find suitable for our channel. if this sounds like you, please subscribe to our channels and send us an email (german or english) to:


tell us a little about yourself, your project,

anything you feel worth mentioning.

of course include any links to existing music/videos/social things

and if you can already visualize your performance and have ideas for 

setting and story, don't hold back.


to see what we've been up to so far, watch our videos and keep in mind: don't be shy, we are always learning and growing, too. 


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